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American Music Educational Television Project

a Public Television forum for scholars, musical artists and storytellers

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           Broadcast weekly on          

"The American Music television series is, to our knowledge, the only regularly-aired television program that celebrates the creation, performance, scholarship and contribution of American music in full historical context. KRCB Public Television is proud to have nurtured this series since its inception and broadcasts it on a monthly basis to our Bay Area viewers. We hope that it may one day be enjoyed by public television audiences across the country." 


- Stan Marvin, National Program Distribution

KRCB, Northern California Public Media

1985. First American Music program: 

A Sonneck Society/American Music

Research Center/U.of Illinois project.

"Lining Out", a comparison: as sung 

by descendants of Pilgrims and of

African-American slaves. (archival video)

Americanist-musicologists will guest-host the American Music

series. A little-known vision of pioneer musicologist, H.Wiley

Hitchcock, is referenced by Professor Jeffrey Taylor. See below:

         As Director of the H. Wiley

Hitchcock Institute for Studies in

American Music, I am excited about

our shared American Music

Educational Television Project.

        Dr. Hitchcock's vision for such a

project is now a reality. I look forward

to serving as a host for our American

Music series and am very happy that

"The Hitchcock Institute" is now an

official partner in this great initiative.

Dr. Jeffrey Taylor

Click here to view the video clip of Dr. Taylor's American Music episode:

He discusses the history of American-music scholarship, and provides

commentary relating to Jazz pianist, Earl "Fatha" Hines.


                         KIRKE MECHEM  


Concert-performance clips from the Boston University Symphony Orchestra and Symphonic Chorus at Boston Symphony Hall (broadcasted on KRCB on 9/2/2018. Future broadcasts tba.)

Edited Image 2015-7-24-11:5:31

Nineteen year old blues and jazz guitarist and singer, Solomon Hicks, performs his version of 3 popular songs, All The Things You Are by Jerome Kern, Johnny B. Goode by Chuck Berry, and I Saw Her Standing There by The Beatles. Our wonderful host, Randall Keith Horton, provides us with an interview with Mr. Hicks.

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