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Presented as an educational - cooporative initiative

H. Wiley Hitchcock Institute for Studies in American Music, Brooklyn College Conservatory of Music,

Professor Jeffrey Taylor, Director.

Brooklyn College Department of Television and Radio,

Professor Katherine Fry, Chairwoman.


Professor Jeffrey Taylor, PhD

Professor Katherine Fry, PhD

also providing professional

opportunities for matriculating and graduated students of television production at Brooklyn College.

Danielle Petito, MFA, 2015

Jonothon McLeod, MFA, 2014

The purpose for establishing the series is four-fold:

  • To provide professional opportunities for matriculating graduate students of television production and media management.


  • To present a Public Television forum for scholars, musical artists and documentarians, all of whom will contribute to program content.


  • To offer a mutually equitable partnership between Brooklyn College and the professional educational television industry.


  • To enlighten public awareness of music creation, performance and scholarship - in full historical contexts - in the U.S.A.

Remote Production 2013

Laura Alix MFA 2012

Meet some of our Former Students and see where they are today!

           Producing and directing episodes of American Music will be an experience that I will never forget. Randall was passionate about each episode and what our talented guests brought to each show. Having had this training as an MFA candidate, I gained a lot more confidence and know-how as a studio director and producer. There were challenges along the way, but because of the advisement of highly knowledgable professors, I was able to produce programs that I'm still proud of today!

Henrietta P. Cartwright, television and film producer

           I have worked with American Music for over 4 years now producing, directing & editing episodes, along with building this website. Throughout my experience here I can certainly say American Music has contributed to a number of opportunities for me. 

           I have been hired by Brooklyn College for filming & editing various projects, including former President, Karen Gould's retirement video.  I also took on the role as Director for Brooklyn College's 2018 Barclay's Center Commencement. Currently, I am the owner of DPetito Films.

Danielle M. Petito, Freelance Filmmaker, Director

            Having the chance to produce American Music episodes (see below) featuring Dr. James John, Dr. Jeffrey Taylor, and Touré was a great experience that benefited and brought me to where I am today ! I have transitioned from working at New York City's Channel 12 to working in production on a couple of major network shows! 

Leroy Rivera, Freelance Filmmaker

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