The American Music Educational Television Project initiated an official partnership with the Society for American Music (SAM), effective March, 2019, at the SAM conference, New Orleans. In Spring, 2020, the SAM Board of Trustees formally established that partnership.

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Joining American Music in 2014 as a graduate student at Brooklyn College and seeing its growth to where we are today is truly rewarding.

In March 2019, we were invited to a SAM conference where we were successfully connected with many scholars and artists.

My growing affiliation with American Music as independent producer, director, editor and website designer has been greatly beneficial to all who have participated. We are one step closer to achieving our goal of developing American Music to a national presence on Public Television. 

I am proud to have had a continuing partnership with American Music since 2014.

Danielle Petito

Producer - Director

Editor - Website Designer

In Fall of 2019 American Music Produced a show

with Dr. Sandra Graham, Associate Professor or Ethnomusicology at Babson College. See the full episode below!