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Randall Keith Horton

Founder, Co-Executive Producer

American Music 

Educational Television Project

Randall Keith Horton, the series creator  and a graduate and former adjunct faculty member of the Department of Television & Radio, Brooklyn College CUNY, was nurtured by that TV department's faculty in developing this series. Horton first envisioned the American Music series in 1979 , presented its first concerts/interview programs shortly thereafter at Northern California's College of Marin and Frank Lloyd Wright's San Rafael Civic Center Auditorium, and was subsequently appointed Assistant to the Director, American Music Research Center, Dominican College, San Rafael. He then worked - to the present day - with officers of PBS-member station, KRCB - TV Northern California Public Media, Rohnert Park, CA, and was motivated by scholar-members of the Sonneck Society for American Music (now the Society for American Music), some of whom endorsed his vision for this series and who, in 1985, at the University of Illinois, provided its first formal interview.

      Horton holds degrees from Brooklyn College (B.S., 2006, TV Production and American Studies; M.S., Media Studies, management-studies emphasis and American Studies), and from Queens College/CUNY (M.A., 2013, Music Theory, with additional emphasis in musicology special studies, and choral conducting). His previous studies included TV production/music, U. of North Texas; undergraduate music/ arts management and TV-production studies in California, and mathematics/physics at Hampton Institute (now University), Hampton, VA.  He has taught at the U. of North Texas, Brooklyn College, Bard College, NY, at Dance Theatre of Harlem (music history and interpretation, for the dance) and for the National Endowment for the Humanities' "America's Music - Series on American Music." Horton's eclectic musical background is outlined on his personal Web site:


            As founder of the American Music Educational Television Project and its American Music series, Horton also provided opportunities for TV production students to work with professionals when American Music was initially produced and aired at the Department of Radio, Television and Film at the University of North Texas (1997 - 2003; R.K. Horton and Todd Kent, co-producers). American Music programs have been produced from college television stations in California and Illinois (under the aegis of the American Music Research Center when it was based in California), in Texas and in New York City. Effective August, 2015, Horton was appointed Associated Scholar, American Music Research Center, University of Colorado, Boulder. He is a Research Associate at the H. Wiley Hitchcock Institute for Studies in American Music.

Effective February, 2016, Horton was appointed,



Nancy Dobbs

President/CEO, KRCB TV 

Northern California Public Media

Stan Marvin 

National Program Distribution

KRCB Northern California Public Media

Sister Mary Dominic Ray

Founding Director,

American Music Research Center



Images from the American Music series

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 8.14.11 PM.png

The H. Wiley Hitchcock Institute for Studies in American Music


Grammy nominated


Love Center Gospel Choir

(arranger, conductor)


M.A., Music Theory

M.S., Media Studies

B.S., TV Production


Stony Brook University

Combined MA/PhD Program

Music History/Theory


chosen by


Duke's Sacred Music

Black Brown and Beige

(conductor, producer, orchestrator)


Published scholar 

Board member:

Gustav Mahler Society of New York


Jackson Five

Martha Reeves

Marvin Gaye


"Thank you" to three dear friends

Tracy Lovett

Chief Operations Engineer

Brooklyn College TV Center

His hearty laughter is medicinal!

Andrea B. Horton

Without whom this calling would not be managable.

Todd Kent

Documentarian, Co-Producer, American Music television series, U. of North Texas (1997-2003)

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